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Molly  Scalzo

Molly Scalzo

Financial Advisor

Hi, I’m Molly, your financial advisor from Lebanon, NJ, who's more enthusiastic about your financial wellness than a squirrel with a golden acorn. Transitioning from a sharp-eyed compliance officer to a personal financial guide, I discovered my true calling: making a significant impact on the financial lives of a select group of people through dedication, education, and a relationship-first approach.

Think of me not just as your advisor, but as your financial liberation specialist. When you retire, investment planning becomes income planning, I focus on teaching you how to enjoy your wealth without the fear of running out. Earning my RICP designation wasn’t just a career move—it was about perfecting the art of financial balance, planning your spending, saving, investing and generosity in a way that aligns with your values and goals.

When I'm not fine-tuning financial plans or debunking investment myths, I’m out conquering the hills of Hunterdon County with my dogs or scoring points on the Pickleball court. My love for the great outdoors is only matched by my passion for the great indoors—where I meditate daily, achieving zen and planning your financial nirvana.

With me as your financial guide, expect a partnership that goes beyond numbers. I'm here to help you plan strategically for the future while ensuring you have the freedom to enjoy today. Let’s strategize on how to make your financial plan as robust as your pickleball serve and as serene as your morning meditation session.